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Digital Imaging

When a patient approaches our office with a need our goal is to satisfy it on the best way possible; hit target with our desitions at the time of treating patientes can only be achieved by starting from a basic principle: good diagnosis determines the success of the treatment.

At Clínica Dental Vallarino we value every piece of information that can be obtained and can clarify the situation of our patients, that is why we have implemented a new system of digital imaging and diagnosis. Manufactured by DEXIS, it is a digital radiograph system that besides diminishing the amount of radiation received by the patienton about 30% , it makes possible to immediatly view xrays, that used to need chemical processing with the traditional method.

This system also includes an intraoral camera, that allow us to watch closely structures and lesions that until now where out of our sight, and out of our patients sight.

The magic of DEXIS is not limited to the speed in which it shows radiographs, but also includes an extensive amount of diagnostic tools that work thrugh the software that commands this system. Now it is possible to detect on xrays, evidence of small carious lesions, tiny formations of calculus or tartar, or even early stages of periapical lesions that can lead to further examination to determine its presence and causes.

DEXIS uses a small sensor that replaces the traditional film, it is inserted on the patients mouth and receives a considerably smaller amount of radiation and transforms what it catches into a high definition radiographic image that is stored on the patients file for evaluation and further comparison. In the following picture set you will see an example of how this image manipulation software helps us on detecting and evaluating radiographic changes on the tooth structure